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Making sense of the senses

Our five senses enable us to perceive and interact with what's going on around us, but scientists still have questions about exactly how they work. Credit: Shutterstock/ melis

Can blind people see with their ears? Could ultrasonic vibrations lead to a button-free future? Why do some people’s senses get mixed up?

This October, Horizon immerses itself in the science of the senses to find out how they can be hacked and change the way we perceive the world around us.

We talk to researchers who are training blind people to see with their ears by turning everyday images into sound, and discover how our sense of smell could give us new insight into anxiety and eating disorders.

We delve into the futuristic world of haptics, which is using ultrasound vibrations to create invisible objects such as knobs and buttons from thin air. And we find out how our brain sorts out all the inputs from different senses, and what happens when they get jumbled.