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The conditions on early Mars were habitable, says Dr Alberto Fairén. Image credit - NASA

The red planet may be our best bet for finding out whether we’re alone in the universe. Read more

Automated or semi-automated shipping, which requires fewer people aboard vessels, could help expand the capacity of Europe's shipping industry. Image credit: Kongsberg Maritime

Reducing crew numbers onboard ships could overcome labour shortages and increase shipping levels. Read more

Many mental health problems begin between the ages of 12 and 24 according to researchers. Image credit - domain

Infant and teenage brains are particularly plastic and vulnerable to adversity. Read more

Veteran virologist Prof. Piot says we need to plan for long-term health effects and increased inequality. Read more

E.coli can cause disease but it also lives in our gut and has a range of toxins that helps keep the populations of the various bacteria in balance. Image credit - NIAID/Wikimedia commons, licenced under CC BY 2.0

They have different weapons and tactics, say researchers. Read more

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