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Scientists are working to increase the number of charging cycles a lithium-sulphur battery can go through before it fails in order to make it a realistic alternative to today’s lithium-ion design. Image credit - Pxfuel, public domain

The next-generation batteries could pack 5 times more energy, but there are problems. Read more

Global agencies need to see coronavirus not just as a health crisis, but as a development and economic one, too, says Professor Colin McInnes of Aberystwyth University in Wales, UK. Image credit - Unsplash/ Thomas de LUZE

Prof. Colin McInnes says international organisations are failing to stand together. Read more

Urgent action is needed to feed people who can no longer buy food due to the pandemic and loss of income and to prevent hunger levels from soaring, say experts. Image credit - Pixabay/tyaqakk, licenced under Pixabay licence

Hunger will soar without sufficient action, say experts. Read more

The reflected colour of the marble berry differs from cell to cell, giving it a striking appearance. Image credit - 	Juliano Costa/Wikimedia, licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0

Scientists are drawing on nature’s clever ways to build structures and produce iridescence. Read more

Stockholm-based researchers with the CoroNAb project are investigating the coronavirus antibodies produced by alpacas including Tyson, the small one pictured here, for potential use in human therapies. Image credit - Preclinics, Potsdam

Infection-halting therapies being explored include neutralising antibodies. Read more

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