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Wearable electronics powered by the user's own body heat could help tackle the issue of how to storage energy. Image credit - under CC0

Researchers are harnessing the thermoelectric effect. Read more

Mesophotic coral ecosystems, found 30-150m below the sea in tropical and subtropical regions, could make up half of all reefs worldwide but there is little known about them. Image credit - Gal Eyal

Scientists are studying past conditions to understand which corals migrated to deeper waters. Read more

Lightning strikes are not continuous but proceed in steps - but we don't yet know why this is.  Image credit - Bernardo de Menezes Petrucci/Wikimedia, licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0

A lack of knowledge about thunderstorms means we could be overengineering our tallest buildings. Read more

Organic 'solar trees', demonstrated at Expo 15 in Milan, Italy, give a glimpse of lightweight, flexible solar cells in action. Image credit - ARMOR/GerArchitektur

Plastic photovoltaics could be widely used if they can generate more energy. Read more

Commissioner Gabriel says she is proud of the way European scientists and innovations have worked together to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Image credit - European Union

EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel answers our questions on the state of European research and innovation in the Covid-19 era. Read more

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