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Extremophiles inhabit some of the most extreme places on Earth. Image credit - Steve Jurvetson, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Researchers are investigating links between microbes and rare earth elements. Read more

A circular bioeconomy turns waste streams into new products. Image credit - Josh Power / Unsplash

We asked five young bioeconomy researchers to set out their vision. Read more

People who were marginalised before the coronavirus were disproportionately impacted by the situation. Image credit - Rémi Walle / Unsplash

Future preparedness plans should account for socioeconomic and cultural differences, say researchers. Read more

Derived from fossil fuels, plastic is a vital part of modern life but a lack of recycling and proper disposal has tainted its production, use and consumption. Image credit - Marc Newberry / Unsplash

Scientists are developing new ways to cut plastic waste. Read more

 The GRIFFIN project is seeking to create prototypes of highly autonomous, ultra-lightweight robot birds. Image credit - GRVC Robotics Lab

Inspired by nature, new prototypes can flap, glide and perch. Read more

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