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Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food sectors worldwide. It supplies about half of the fish that people consume globally. Image credit - Hanson Lu / Unsplash

To find out, scientists are investigating fish gut bacteria and feed nutrients. Read more

A meteotsunami is a form of tsunami generated by atmospheric conditions that can strike any coastline adjacent to a sea floor with a long, shallow shelf. Image credit - NOAASatellites, licensed under CC PDM 1.0

Meteorologist Jadranka Šepić is working to decipher waves that can destroy in minutes. Read more

DNA origami is a technique that allows scientists to create 3D bots made from DNA. Image credit - Daniele Adami, licensed under CC BY 2.0

DNA’s ability to be folded origami-style means the design possibilities are vast. Read more

'Easily accessible geothermal resources are limited,' says Prof. Inga Berre. To access this resource, she says, we need to go down to greater depths. Image credit - Eivind Senneset

Mathematician Prof. Inga Berre on the risks and rewards of drilling further afield. Read more

Mixing different vaccine types is known as a heterologous prime-boost vaccination. It started in the 1990s as a strategy tested by HIV researchers. Image credit - Julia Koblitz / Unsplash

Mixing doses could elicit a broader immune response, but questions remain unanswered. Read more

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